Media Buying Policy

Media planning and purchasing is a service provided by the Office of Marketing & Communications.  Effective media planning is about “pulling” your target audiences through the marketing funnel, by reaching them with the right media combination, with the right message and at the right time.

Marketing & Communications can help you answer the following questions:

  • What are your target audience’s behaviors, preferences, and trust levels across traditional and interactive marketing channels?
  • What are the right messages and imagery needed to attract and engage your target audience?
  • What are the most appropriate media channels (traditional and interactive) for your target segments and goals?
  • How much should you allocate to media spending?
Benefits to centralized media planning and purchasing at Rollins are as follows:
  • Buying Power and Economies of Scale: The centralization of all advertising purchases at Rollins allows the College to leverage its buying power in the purchase of all advertising through College-established advertisings rate. 
  • Better Use of College Resources:  Rollins’ financial resources can be more efficiently allocated since advertising is cheaper when it is bought in bulk rather than separately by program and when a single point of contact serves as the clearinghouse for advertising opportunities, pricing, and negotiations.
  • Brand Image and Message Alignment: Coordinated advertising allows Rollins to avoid brand dilution that exists when conflicting messages and lack of consistent brand image are used by different departments and programs.
  • Ad Placement Location Optimized: Rollins’ exposure is optimized when the location of an ad within a publication or media channel is negotiated for premium placement that gets noticed because it is positioned away from competing ads and locations that could get missed. 



All media must be secured through the Office of Marketing & Communications in order to ensure efficiencies and approvals.  Marketing & Communications works with Business Services (Office of CFO) to review and execute all advertising and marketing contracts. This includes all paid and in-kind advertising. Exclusions include some faculty recruitment advertising placed by the Human Resources office. Waivers for special circumstances must be approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Timing is of the essence, so it is of the utmost importance that any planned advertising be brought to the attention of the Marketing & Communications team as soon as possible, during the initial planning or concept stages.

The Marketing & Communications team will work with individual units and departments to help develop marketing strategies as well as promotional materials that clearly communicate the College’s mission and identity. Such materials might include advertisements, brochures, newsletters, web pages, event-related publications, and other promotional media.

Advertising is the paid placement of a message in media and is especially useful when the message must be delivered to a large constituency—an undergraduate or graduate open house, for example, or an all-campus event that is open to the local community.

Marketing & Communications will also work with you to design and place an ad in the media that best targets your audience. Any materials directed to an outside audience should be prepared in collaboration with Marketing & Communications and requested via the Print Design Project Requisition at .

All media placements must be made through the Office of Marketing & Communications and only approved ads will be placed.

When Marketing & Communications is the central clearinghouse for scheduling, ad insertion and payment, consistency is maintained in ad placement and rate schedules charged to the College.



  1. Notify the Office of Marketing & Communications that you wish to place an advertisement or request a media buying planning session. Email or call Nicole Bonum to register your request at or 407-646-1520.

  2. Provide all pertinent information regarding the event you wish to promote:
    •    Name of event or initiative
    •    Dates of event  or initiative
    •    Desired length of promotion
    •    Target audience for ads
    •    Target geographies for ads
    •    Advertising budget (We will negotiate your rate and work within your budget.)
    •    Any media preferences (publication, radio stations, etc.)

    Please Note: the production of materials for placement is typically in addition to the cost of media unless materials are designed in house.

  3. The Office of Marketing & Communications will work with the school’s media planner and buyer to identify potential outlets and schedule for your consideration.

  4. Once a proposed media plan and schedule is approved by you, the Office of Marketing & Communications will work with the media planner and buyer to secure space.

  5. Marketing & Communications will work with the requesting department and with the recommended design firm or in-house designer to create any materials needed (print ads, copy written, etc.).

  6. Marketing & Communications and/or the media planner and buyer will distribute materials to media outlets.

  7. To ensure consistency in the process, the department that is purchasing the advertising should not communicate with the advertiser or sales representative. Rather, all communication with advertisers will be conducted through the Rollins’ media planner and buyer or Marketing & Communications.

  8. The media planner and buyer will audit placements and tear sheets and reconcile invoices. Marketing & Communications will process payment from individual departmental budgets.

While there are no internal charges for these services, the requesting unit or department is responsible for out-of-pocket expenses, such as printing, postage, or media buying and placement costs. Please make sure you know your budget before you begin the process.


  • Some forms of media have deadlines 1-2 months ahead of their publication date. Radio and TV typically require 2 weeks lead time (not including potential materials production).

  • It is in the College’s best interest to plan unit media purchases on a biannual basis so best rates and space availability can be secured. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days to prepare biannual plans once you have met with Marketing & Communications and the media planner and buyer to discuss your media objectives, target audience, budget, etc.

  • Once you have approved your biannual media plan, your media will need to be negotiated and confirmed. Rollins’ media planner and buyer will work with Marketing & Communications to provide anticipated timelines for your campaign.

  • It is not in the College’s best interest to respond to urgent solicitations by advertising sales representatives who offer last-minute sale pricing and bargain rates for advertising space and publications that were not originally considered during the initial media planning stage. Rollins’ process is to proactively and strategically design a media buying plan based on your target audience objectives and best channel opportunities. Please refer any solicitation calls you receive from advertisers to Nicole Bonum at or 407-646-1520.