Academic Internship Program

August 22 - December 8, 2011



Mandatory Orientation for Fall Term Internship Students - Thursday, August 18, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., Holt School Office.

An academic internship is a temporary work experience that contains sufficient academic content and rigor to merit the granting of academic credit. It is supervised both by the Holt School Internship Coordinator and by an onsite representative of the employing firm. The student must pay tuition and fees for the number of hours for which he/she expects to receive academic credit (2, 3 or 4 semester hours).

Internships can be obtained several ways:

  • On your own- through your own resources or contacts.
  • Through the Rollins College Office of Career Services "Jobs for Tars" program.
  • Through referrals received from the faculty and the Holt School Career Adviser.

Internships may be completed for academic credit during the fall, spring or summer terms. Internships must be started and completed within the published dates of an academic semester.  In an effort to ensure the quality of the internship experience, academic internships are not approved as part of a course overload.  Please see your program adviser if you have any questions regarding your course load.

In the majority of cases, credit will not be approved for internships related to current employment or supervised by anyone other than an unbiased, unrelated professional. Exceptional circumstances may be appealed in writing to the Internship Coordinator.

To qualify, a student must have successfully completed the academic review process that follows admission to the Holt School, must be of sophomore standing, have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better, and be in good judicial standing at the institution.

Academic internships may be taken for credit/no-credit only. Letter grades are not assigned to academic internships and therefore are not calculated into a student’s grade point average.

Students studying on an F-1 visa are only eligible to do an internship (paid or unpaid) after they have been given approval by the Director of International Student & Scholar Services, Jennifer Ruby (, 407-646-1158).

Students must complete and submit to the Holt School Assistant Dean the Internship Credit Approval Form. Final deadline for submission of the form is Thursday, August 18, 2011.

Students may choose to register to complete an internship earning 2, 3 or 4 semester hours of credit. Each semester hour must equate to a minimum 40 hours of work completed at the internship site (2 sh = 80 hours, 3 sh = 120 hours, 4 sh = 160 hours). Students must specify the number of semester hours they plan to earn at the time of registration. After a student is registered for the internship, the number of semester hours earned cannot be changed. In most cases, internships will be completed over the entire term.  Students receiving partial credit may discuss an earlier ending date with the Internship Coordinator.

All required internship paperwork must be submitted prior to the posted deadlines.

Students may not receive retroactive academic credit for an internship that has already been completed.

Academic departments may grant major or minor credit for internships. The chair of the respective department will approve or decline an internship request for departmental credit. An internship that is declined for departmental credit may still be approved for interdisciplinary/elective credit.

In order to receive credit at the completion of the internship all requirements as stated in the course syllabus must be successfully completed which include:

  • attend an internship orientation session at the beginning of the semester during which academic credit is to be earned.
  • the minimum number of internship hours, in accordance with the number of semester hours being sought, must be completed at the work site prior to the end of the term,
  • all time sheets, journals and papers required by the Internship Coordinator must be completed and submitted by the scheduled deadlines, and
  • a final paper must be received and approved by the Internship Coordinator

Students studying on an F-1 visa are only eligible to do an internship (paid or unpaid) after they have been given approval by the International Student Advisor.


1. Identify Your Site

Students interested in doing an internship should start out by contacting Career Services and/or reviewing the online listing of previously approved internships in the Central Florida area. This database can be accessed through the Jobs for Tars system on the Career Services Web site. There is a contact person listed for each employer if you have additional questions about the internship opportunity.

2. Plan for Your Interview

Students are encouraged to use Career Services to prepare a resume/cover letter, practice interviewing techniques, and apply for internship opportunities.

3. International Students

International students are advised to read the guidelines for participation in Curricular Practical Training, available through the Office of International Student & Scholar Services website.  An Internship Credit Approval Form for International Students must be completed, signed by the Hamilton Holt School Assistant Dean, and submitted to Jenifer Ruby, Director of International Student Scholar and Services, prior to registration for a for-credit internship (, 407-646-1158).

4. Registration

Students should complete and submit to the Holt School Office an Internship Credit Approval Form on or before August 18.  Once the student is approved to participate in the proposed academic internship, this form will be used to register the student in INT 395 Hamilton Holt School Internship.

Students who wish to complete an internship for major or minor credit must follow the guidelines provided on the second page of the Internship Credit Approval Form, and must obtain the signature of the current department chair/director of the major/minor.  Some departments may specify additional requirements and/or a different submission deadline.

If students choose to participate in an internship that has not been pre-approved for credit by the Office of Career Services, the employer is required to submit the position to Career Services for review by posting the internship to Jobs for Tars on the Career Services website.  The internship position must be in accordance with the Rollins Internship Criteria in order to be approved. Printed guidelines that students may download to give to the employer to assist with the approval process are available on the Career Services Web site.

5. Attend Mandatory Orientation Session

Thursday, August 18, 2011, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., Holt School Office  Canceled 

Thursday, August 25, 2011, 12:30 - 1:45 P.M., Crummer SunTrust Auditorium.  Please contact Allisa Johnson ( if you are unable to attend this orientation session. 



If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing any type of academic accommodation in order to participate in this class, please make appropriate arrangements with Gail Ridgeway, Disability Services Coordinator, located in the Thomas P. Johnson Student Resource Center, 407-646-2354.

Resources and Links for Employers:

Career Services Web Page

Four Easy Steps to Becoming An Internship Sponsor

Rollins Internship Criteria (for Sites)

Jobs for Tars

Please contact Sharon Lusk, Assistant Dean/Academic Internship Coordinator, if you have questions or need assistance, 407-646-2232.